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You can tell a person’s identity based on his or her phone case.

Yes, that’s right. Why?

Phone cases have become more than just a piece of plastic to protect your phone. They’ve also become an expression of individuality, especially when iPhones and Samsung phones became more popular.

If everyone else has exactly the same phone as you, how do you stand out and create an identity for yourself?

We humans are that way. We want to be different, we want to be special. And our phones, which have basically become an extension of ourselves, are the perfect way for us to express who we are.

For me, it all started with this Starbucks phone case.


I had been looking for a nicer phone case to replace my plain green one, when  I spotted this Starbucks-themed case with a front cover and magnetic flap. Christmas-themed too!

After getting it, I realized how useful it was to have the front cover. It meant I wouldn’t be distracted when a new message pops up. And it was also a bit of a deterrent for kaypoh (meddling) people!

Also, less people will touch your phone if there’s this front cover because they’re a bit more shy about it.

After that a friend asked if I wanted to buy anything from Taobao.com, a China shopping site.

I looked up phone cases and got hooked.


Hello so gorgeous! These are inspired by Chanel’s hard plastic case bags. I got this in black and never looked back.

SOOOO many people ask about the top part of case! People always ask if it’s a microphone? A speaker? A power bank? Does it hold sweets? Can you take it out? And then they force it to try and detach it from the phone -_-

No! Your imagination is clearly more creative than what it is, a mere piece of rubbery material that looks like a perfume spray!

The phone case comes with a strap to hang around your neck too, I found that very useful.


The strap is super handy, especially if you don’t have pockets or just want to have it available any time.

guerlain eiffel tower phone case

I got this one too, but unfortunately the top part broke when I dropped it. So sad! It’s made of plastic, so it didn’t survive…

But so began my love for unique phone case designs. And Taobao.

I don’t particularly like shopping online, but at least when it comes to phone cases there’s very little room for error.

So here’s some other awesome phone case designs I’ve found! All of the photos below are from Taobao, but I won’t link any shops because sometimes if you click the link 3 months later, they won’t stock the design anymore.

Just do a search, and if you can’t find what you want in English, then use Google Translate to change the words to Chinese (Simplified). Easy!

angel wings iphone case

Angel wings! Light blue, purple and pink. I love the pastel designs. And they even stand up!


Another phone with a front cover and magnetic flap. Some of these front covers even have pockets, so you can keep ID cards, credit cards and cash. How handy is that?


Which one do you prefer? I like the one on the right, mainly because I like illustrations.



And if you’re not tired of perfumes, maybe you can have a perfume-in-a-perfume. Perfume-ception?


Eh… I’m not quite sure what to think of these.



These are kind of cool, giant nail polish looking cases. Not only that, these have Disney princess illustrations too. Would totally buy the Rapunzel one, just because I like purple.

My favourite Disney princess is Ariel though, who’s yours?


When I saw this being labelled as an iPhone case, I figured it must be labelled wrongly. Like, maybe it was just a display toy or a thumbdrive or something.

And then I realized YUP IT’S AN IPHONE CASE.


Super cool, no? It even has a stand! Comes in silver, gold, red, black, and a few other colours. I would totally get this, except for the fact that it only comes in iPhone 6 so far. Y u no iPhone 5?


Ice cream! I just noticed that the area where the wooden stick is would actually be where the charger is. Won’t that kind of be in the way?



Another different kind of Starbucks phone case! I love these kinds of covers that are made of rubber, cause they protect the phone better if you happen to drop it. And I don’t know why, but I seem to see everyone dropping their phones the most! It’s a horrible phone dropping phenomenon.

And then, what’s a unique phone case without a unique selfie stick?

selfie stick


I swear, you can get anything from Taobao.

Also, some of the larger phone cases won’t fit selfie sticks. Just saying.

What’s your phone case? Is it something that you feel expresses your individuality?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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