Did You Ever Lucid Dream?

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This is not something I’ve ever been able to do before. But some people claim that after awhile, you can change the scenario that you’re in.

I’m talking about lucid dreaming.

It’s when you’re asleep and in a dream, and halfway you realize that oh wait I’m in a dream.

The times before this, whenever I realize that I’m in a dream, I’ll wake up almost instantaneously.

I’ll either wake up the second I realize it, or my mind will force the thought of GET UP, GET UP, GET UP.


The second part usually happens when it’s a bad dream or a horror movie-esque dream.

But last night was slightly different than any other dream experiences.

I was in the middle of a dream and everything was as normal (as normal as a dream can be I guess), when suddenly my brain said “hey, this isn’t real life”.


Source: Divergent.

Do you remember that moment in the movie Divergent where the main character Tris was trapped in a water tank, then has an epiphany that what’s happening to her isn’t real? Felt a lot like that.

But I couldn’t wake up, and it just kept going.

Best part was, at that moment, the colour settings changed!

It was like one of those Instagram filters being put through the scene! The entire place became like a Lo-Fi filter, where the red wall became green, the train became black (I was in a train) and the sky became dark pink.

Maybe my sub-consciousness is telling me I need to stop using Instagram…

Since I couldn’t stop the dream, and I didn’t wake up, I had to keep going with it. Eventually, I ended up in the same room with 2 people I know having a meeting with each other, even though I know for a fact that they don’t know each other in real life.

I’ve read about lucid dreams before. Some people claim that if they try hard enough, they can actually change the dream themselves. They can walk out of the scenario they’re in, and go somewhere else and create their own dream scenario that they can control.

Will you never need to have a nightmare after that? What if you create your own nightmare, is it really a nightmare since you’ll be able to expect what’s going to happen?

Others say that they can fall asleep and lucid dream immediately, without going through a dream they can’t control first.


Source: Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr.

Must be nice being able to force your sub-consciousness to stop conjuring up weird things…

There are actual websites and tutorials built by people to teach others what lucid dreaming is and how to experience it. They’ll have guest speakers who claim that they can make their dreams come true, create their own characters, face their fears while being comfortable because they know it isn’t real life.

But I wonder how lucid dreaming came about in the first place? How did the first person think, hmm I’m going to try different techniques of how to control my dreams.

And then if he managed that, did he get so excited that he ended up spending most of his life asleep because he could do anything he wanted in dream state?

Leonardo Di Caprio

Source: The Great Gastby.

A dream in a dream in a nightmare maybe?

Since I haven’t been able to reach that point of ‘controlling my dream’, I can’t figure out what it’s like. And apparently, you have to continue to remain calm even when you’re “dream aware” because otherwise the dream becomes unstable.

Totally sounds like an Inception in your head!

But the thing with lucid dreams is, they’re exhausting.

I woke up soo tired today.

Have you ever tried lucid dreaming? How did it go? Could you do it again?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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