2016: The Year We’re Obsessed with Planners Again

2015 is coming to an end. Know what that means?

Time to make new resolutions, time to spring clean… And time to get a new planner.

My on-off obsession for this year was time planners, and it seems like plenty of people around the world and on YouTube shared the same excitement.


My planner in 2015, a pale pink piece with glossy gold lettering, from Kikki K.

People (mostly females) all over the globe were getting into the planner habit, from decorating theirs with washi tape to writing their to-do lists and favourite TV shows to watch each day.

But as the year changes, so do the pages of our planners.

Here’s a couple of 2016 time planners, for inspiration. Clean sleek lines and simple designs are warming our hearts, or so it seems.

starbucks planner 1 starbucks planner 2

Starbucks 2016 Planner, collaboration with Moleskine.

Ahh Starbucks, you know just how to tug at our commercialized heartstrings, don’t you?

Just the logo itself is enough to send any fanboy rushing to your store, but an elegant black card with gold lettering just twists the knife into our heart (and wallet).

typo planner 1

Typo Rose Gold Glitter Planner, small

Simple and shiny, with the words 2016 emblazoned on the front.

typo planner 2

Typo baby blue and white striped planner

Similar to the one above, but in blue and white stripes.

typo planner 3

Typo 2016 Premium Diary in Watercolour

Watercolour is a style that just exploded in 2015, from wedding invitations to illustrations (I’m particularly fond of Kerrie Hess’ illustrations).

I think these round ones look like macarons too though, it’s very hard to shake that thought off.

typo planner 4

Typo 2016 Premium Diary in Dreamcatcher

For the modern-day hippie, with Catch Your Dreams in gold lettering. Perhaps a sign that instead of dreaming about your future desires, you should just write them down?

kikki k planner 1

Kikki K Leather Time Planner: Watermelon

Leather planners would definitely stand the test of time compared to the cloth planner that I have. The gold lettering Live what you love certainly adds an extra touch of luxe.

But the one thing that differentiates this version and my own is the elastic closure, compared to my planner which has a gold button clasp. That, and the fact that this version doesn’t boast a pen slot. Proceed at your own risk.

kikki k planner 2

Kikki K Leather Time Planner in Teal

Similar to the one above, but in a different colour and without the gold lettering. For the minimalist in you.

kikki k planner 3

Kikki K 2016 Weekly Diary: Inspire

A hardcover with the words Two Thousand Sixteen Make It Yours on the front. Ready to make this year your year?

kikki k planner 4

Kikki K 2016 Leather Diary: Black

If you’re not a fan of Starbucks, there’s always this minimalist version to consider. Also available in blue and orange (also known to Kikki K as watermelon).

kikki k planner 5

Kikki K 2016 Weekly Diary: Be Brave

In the shade of, err.. watermelon.

kikki k planner 6

Kikki K 2016 Weekly Wellbeing Diary: Inspire

Simple, but clean and effective!

At this point, you might think, well they’re pretty but what use do I have if we live in a world of smartphone calendars?

The point is indeed, the simple notion of putting ballpoint pen to paper.

A planner can be anything that the owner wants it to be. Some people use it for its intended purpose of filling in their to-do lists and meeting dates.

Others use it as journals, dream diaries, or goals journals. Some call it the “happiness journal”, where the end goal isn’t to maximize your productivity, but to maximize your happiness.


For me, I use it as a gratitude journal.

Every morning, while I’m sitting down on the way to work, I take a bit of time to pen down a single thought that I’m grateful about.

This differs from day to day. Some days I write about a friend or a family member. Some days it’s about God. Some days I’m recollecting a lovely night or a successful event.

It’s just writing down three or four sentences, but this helps my brain to think about what’s good in my life, which sometimes gets lost when the throes of everyday life throw me off-momentum.

It’s so easy for everyone to get caught up in everyday life. And it’s nice to take the time out to think about a single thing I’m grateful for. One single thing I’m grateful for today, 365 things I’m grateful for in one year.


And most of all, I love how my planner helps to set me in a good mood for the morning.

I used to go into work feeling frazzled and sleep-deprived, but now I come in with my mind a little calmer and more at ease (but still sleep-deprived. Clearly I’m still working on it).

What do you use your planner for? How has your life magically changed from this non-technological device?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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