10 reasons why the iPad replaced my laptop

Before the iPad 2 came into my life, I had a smartphone and laptop, and didn’t get the concept of why I should ever need a tablet. But when I got an iPad 2, everything changed. 


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I use my electronics everyday. The Internet is totally my generation’s best friend and enemy (frenemy?).

And before I met the iPad, I depended on a laptop and a smartphone. Life went on peacefully, despite the limitations of each product.

But when the iPad 2 came into my life, it completely changed the way I consume technology. How? Here’s how.

1. Efficiency

The biggest change was the on switch. While a laptop takes some time to boot up, the iPad is instantly alert in seconds. I can easily turn it on to search for something then turn it back off.

Try doing that with a laptop 🙁

I hated (still hate) the time it takes to boot up my computer. Once I turn off my laptop, it pretty much stays off.

2. Portability

The second monumental shift was its portability. I used to lug around my laptop everywhere I went.

Now I find that I go for the lighter option instead. I even bring it onto planes to pass the time.

A laptop is just too much hassle, but the iPad is great. My dad once borrowed it (a.k.a. stole) on a plane ride, to read the Steve Jobs biography I downloaded.

steve jobs

No one can resist Steve Jobs…

I do admit, the newer laptops are incredibly light. Macbook Air anyone?

macbook air Especially that new gold Macbook Air man… Who can resist that rose gold? 

But the iPad has so many other functions that beat laptops so far.

3. Having everything at your fingertips

Adding on to portability is the fact that the iPad can store plenty of material. It can store PDF files, presentations, pictures, music, videos.

This means I can bring my portfolio around, and whenever someone asks for it, I can produce it immediately.

No need for large files, books or papers that take up so much space.

As a writer, I keep some writing samples in my iPad and produce them when I’m at interviews. In fact I do the same at auditions. I keep my headshots, comp cards, modeling portfolio and commercial campaign photos on my iPad. Ready to go ASAP.

I’m ready!

4. Unobtrusive

Laptops during meetings can create a technological barrier. Imagine a wall of laptop screens blocking the bottom half of each person’s face?

The iPad is far less obtrusive and can pass for a portfolio file.

And whenever you need to take notes, just flip open the cover, type, and return your focus to the presentation.

5. Note taking

Despite complaints regarding the touch screen keyboard, I find that for most part it’s something that you can get used to pretty quickly.

And whenever I have an idea, a thought I need to remember, or an errand I forgot about, I can access my iPad quickly, take a note of it, switch the iPad off, and get back to whatever I was doing (unless I get distracted, which I admit happens a lot…).

6. Battery life

I remember while studying at Temasek Polytechnic in 2005, everyone crowded around the sides of the lecture theatres, simply because they needed a power socket to keep their laptops running all through the lecture (the power sockets are available only from the walls).

Since I hated lugging a charger around, I’d usually leave mine at home. I had an Acer with roughly 1 hour 30 minutes battery life… not great when my lectures were at least 2 hours long.

I kept having to struggle to keep my laptop running till the lecture ended.

battery life

Photo credit: Humans Development

Even when using my laptop, I have to be careful of the battery life. A fully charged iPad gives me about 10 hours of battery life. How many YouTube videos and podcasts are those?

(Unrelated note: Why don’t they call an Apple product’s battery life Apple Juice?)

7. Ebook reader

With the iBooks app, I can access my books and read while waiting. From doctors offices, on public transports, waiting for other appointments, the iPad comes in handy for giving me something to do, something to occupy my time productively.

It’s easier to read with the iPad than on a laptop. And I don’t really have to splurge on books either.

There are plenty of free interesting literature, from classic fiction to how-to books to fairy tales.


Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar

(That’s not to say I ignore hard copy books entirely – I actually prefer books. I think there’s something comforting about holding an actual book in your hands)

8. Games games games

There’s a whole lot of games available via the app store. Of course, there are certain games that work better on computers, or only work on computers (Diablo III, anyone?).

But many other fun games can be played with the iPad, and all it takes is a quick download. The iPad has pretty much become the main gaming platform in my life.

I have some games solely on my iPad including the Kardashian app on my iPad (GUILTY FACE). And when I was playing Draw Something a few years back when it was a craze, I always used my iPad.

draw somethingThe large screen size was so awesome compared to the tiny iPhone screen. But more importantly, it is far more flexible than playing it on a computer.

I also tried playing Draw Something on my laptop: complete failure. Drawing with a mouse is way more difficult than drawing with your fingertips.

9. No Multitasking

One large complaint about the iPad is its lack of multitasking capabilities. It does annoy me too from time to time, but for most part I do realize that it means I don’t get sidetracked.

Human multitasking has limitations, and switching from one task to another causes interruptions to our productivity.

Multitasking has exactly the opposite effect we think it will have. The difficulty of writing this article for example, doubles when I’m listening to music, or checking out Facebook.

The iPad forces me to concentrate on one thing at a time, which increases my productivity more than a laptop or computer might.

10. Back to the basics


Photo credit: Tatsuo Yamashita via Flickr

The interface of the iPad is simple, and efficient. No need for a mouse to click, double click and scroll, no need for a keyboard that might not be detected or might get unplugged halfway.

No need for laptop trackpads suddenly giving up on me.

For everyday consumption, the iPad is the one I go to.

My daily activities can be done via the iPad. Sending emails, catching up on news via Feedly, watching YouTube videos, writing, and much more.

But this is just light consumption.

Does the iPad COMPLETELY replace my laptop?


I’ll tell you why next time.

Do you believe that the iPad can completely replace a computer?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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