Moomba Toy Problems


Moomba is on again this weekend!

If you don’t know what it is or haven’t been to it, Moomba is a 3-day long carnival held at the Yarra River. It happens every year around this time and starts on Saturday and ends on Monday (hello Labour Day!) It’s got roller coasters, carnival rides, games, and toys to be won.


Toys like these giant bananas with a Jamaican flair. Look at that dodgy face! I ended up trading it for a tiny purple horse anyway, cause I really wanted the horse.

And they shoot fireworks every night that they’re there! They happen at around 9.30pm, so keep a look out.

There’ll also be events going on in the day, with wakeboarding on the river in the evening. It ends off with a parade on Monday at 11am.


Last year’s montage of activities I went during the Moomba festival. Yes, they have a carousel there!

Now, the most distinctive thing about Moomba is their toys. There are so many toys, but they’re so easily recognizable that you can immediately pinpoint whether a toy is from the carnival or not. So this makes it quite easy to spot those girls (and guys) who’re carrying the toys on public transport or walking around the city.


To get you in the mood for Moomba, I’ve compiled a list of problems that I call the #gianthorseproblems:

1) When the horse and I can’t fit in a single bed #gianthorseproblems

2) Can’t fit the horse in a selfie, ever #gianthorseproblems


3) Horse is so big, I look tiny next to it #gianthorseproblems

4) Horse looks better from its side profile than the front profile #gianthorseproblems


5) It’s giant, and bright pink, and I can never walk around with it without gaining attention #gianthorseproblems

6) Comes in 3 different colours (and possibly more), and it’s hard to pick just one colour.

7) No other soft toy companion is ever big enough. #gianthorseproblems


8) Can’t bring it around #gianthorseproblems

9) Such a hassle to bring it onto public transport #gianthorseproblems

10) It’s so big, it can’t fit in a luggage bag. Or any bag. Ever. #gianthorseproblems



Are you going for Moomba this weekend? Tag me your pictures!

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