Jodie Whittaker smashes the patriarchy by becoming the next Doctor Who


The main character, often referred to as “The Doctor” is a time-travelling alien who often travels with human companions to fight other aliens.

The Doctor is able to regenerate into a new body, an idea that makes it convenient for one actor to leave the show and another actor to take over as the main character.

This means that in the last 26 seasons (since 1963), twelve different actors played The Doctor, from the first doctor William Hartnell (top, extreme left) to the current doctor Peter Capaldi (top, middle).

Peter Capaldi has decided to leave, which means that the next series will introduce a new actor to play the Doctor.

Now there’ll be thirteen actors.

But how do you keep an old long-running series fresh?


Jodie Whittaker, most notable for her role in the TV series Broadchurch, will be taking on the titular role this Christmas.

And just with one sweep of her hood, she has made television history by being the first female Doctor.

Of course, not  everyone is pleased.



To put things into perspective…

Doctor Who is a fictional TV show.

The Doctor is an alien Time Lord.

From another planet.

With two hearts.

Who can regenerate when dying.

Is it that much of a stretch for the Doctor to be a woman?

Despite the fact that Doctor Who is a really old series, it clearly continues to still appeal to many viewers. And something as old as the show needs to keep appealing to the viewers in different ways, and this is clearly another method.

Jodie Whittaker taking the role means that she’ll make it fresh and exciting, and not because she’s a woman. Because she’s a new actor, who was the best person up for the role, and she is ready to take it on.

And that’s the kind of news we should be getting.

Will you be watching the next season of Doctor Who?

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