James Bond: Spectre Movie Review

So Sony Pictures Australia invited me to the Melbourne movie premiere of Spectre, also known as James Bond 24.

(I admit, this is a movie review that’s been a long time coming. It came out in October? Still in time for the DVD and Blu-Ray release at least.)

Digressing for a moment, can you believe there’s been 24 Bond movies made? The first one I knew was a Pierce Brosnan movie, and for a very long time I had thought that Pierce Brosnan was the one and only James Bond.



Thanks Sony Pictures Australia for giving us the privilege of catching the Melbourne movie premiere!

      • SPOILERS AHEAD * * *

Best part:

The scene that I’m most impressed with is the opening scene in Mexico. The extravagant Day of the Dead celebrations was a nice touch in making a colourful backdrop.

Spectre Day of the Dead

I also love the (what looks like but apparently actually isn’t) continuous take in the beginning where the camera follows Daniel Craig through the crowd, up the elevator, into the room, etc. without a single cut.

It made you feel like you were walking along the streets, following James Bond to see what sort of mischief he’s up to next.

It totally looked like it was one continuous shot, but in the end the director Sam Mendes confessed that he just created a Birdman effect with that scene.

They just shot it with a few incredibly long takes and edited everything together. Still, it was quite impressive.

Most disappointing part:

When I heard that Christoph Waltz was in this movie, I was terribly excited.

Christoph Waltz is an amazing actor who won two Academy Awards for his roles in Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained (both directed by Quentin Tarantino). He’s fast-talking and super hilar in general.

He’s just really entertaining, whether on screen with a script or in interviews where he shows off the fact that he’s actually really well-educated (he is, I’ve also watched his interviews).


But… none was that was ever showcased in the entire two-and-a-half hour movie. Instead, Waltz got relegated to a typical one-dimensional villain.

I know James Bond movies generally showcase the good guys versus the bad guys, but there just wasn’t anything memorable about the movie.


I thought the movie started off well and slowly became less exciting. I did enjoy the car chase scenes between the classic Aston Martin and the villain’s Jaguar and held in Rome.

Overall it’s a good popcorn flick. But not any much better (or different) than its predecessors. It was certainly an entertaining movie and I enjoyed the 2 and a half hours spent in the cinema. But I would not watch it again.

Digressing, Daniel Craig has since announced his retirement from James Bond, which means someone else will take up his place. Idris Elba, do you reckon? Or it’ll be nice if it’s Tom Hardy.

Have you watched Spectre? Who do you think can replace Daniel Craig?

Much Love,

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