Bath and Body Works Wallflower Haul!

Bath and Body Works

Even though I’m currently in Australia, a country where there are no physical BBW stores, I managed a haul!

Small one, because a cousin came to Australia after visiting San Francisco and I took advantage of that.

This is the first time I’ve actually even considered wallflowers actually. I’ve always bought candles because I like the look of a candle burning in the darkness. Bath and Body Works candles also have great scent throws, especially the large 3-wick candles.

Bath and Body Works candle


But candles are pretty heavy. And since they remade of glass, they’re also quite fragile. Whenever I fly with candles, I always bundle them in coats in my check-in luggage, and hope they won’t move around too much. I get so paranoid that they’ll break when the baggage handlers throw everything around!

Also, since I was asking someone else to bring something to me, I didn’t want to burden them with having to bring candles. So I tried out the next best thing: wallflowers!


Now to be honest, I used to not like wallflowers because I think they’re the sickly-smelling fragrances. But when I went to the BBW store in Marina Bay, I was quite surprised to find out they’re not bad. So why not try them right? Much easier to carry around than candles, and much smaller too.

The Sunset Beach fragrance is pineapple, papaya and sugarcane. I think the pineapple smell overpowers all the other smells, so if you like fruity smells and hawaiian beaches, this might be for you.


This is what they look like on their own. There’s two in every pack of refills. Don’t forget to buy the head though, they won’t work without each other.

The Palm Leaves is a blend of green palm, aloe and agave. So if you like thinking of palm trees, beaches and sweet smells, this would tickle your senses.


The ‘head’ is a wallflower fragrance with a plug to stick into a socket. So it requires electricity and doesn’t work without that. Some of them are actually night lights too, which is kind of cool.


Now there’s only one thing that really irritates me with this…

They’re American 2-pin plugs!

I suppose it makes sense, I mean they’re from America and for an American target market. But it’s super annoying for the rest of the world to have to use a travel adaptor just to get this to work.


Oh hello 2-pin plugs. Even though Australia has 2-pin sockets and Singapore can fit 2-pin plugs, you’re still in the completely wrong angle. Le sigh.


But they’re really pretty at least, and quite easy to use. Just have to screw them on tightly.

One thing though, it tends to be unexpectedly heavy so everytime I take the adaptor out of the socket, I’ll drop it (so far the glass hasn’t broken yet luckily!). But please please please be careful with these.

marshmallow fireside

Image: Bath and Body Works


Now I’m lemming for marshmallows! I love sweet bakery smells, but unfortunately right now isn’t the best time to buy those types. The problem with Bath and Body Works is that they’re scents are released based on the seasons, and since right now it’s Summer, there are more of Summer scents like beaches and trees and mangoes than bakery-type Autumn scents or peppermint Winter scents.

watermelon lemonade candle

Image: Bath and Body Works

How about Watermelon Lemonade? That sounds pretty awesome too. Imagine lying on the beach sipping watermelon juice from a tall glass while watching people do backflips into the water. Hello summer!

beach girl
If you enjoyed this post, check out my last candle haul! Have you hauled anything from Bath and Body Works lately? Link me your hauls below! 

– Fari Wu

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  1. Hello
    I am a huge fan of BBW. Ive like 13 different refill bulbs and tons of candles from them.
    Ive just one question, does the US plug work fine in Australia?


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