Bath and Body Works Singapore (and Haul)

So Bath and Body Works is an American retail brand that specializes in bath products, home fragrances and hand sanitizers. It’s very popular on YouTube, where beauty gurus will wax lyrical about their hauls and collections. While I really liked the brand myself, I thought that it would never expand into Singapore due to our relatively small market size.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into Marina Bay Sands and encountered this!

Bath and Body Works exterior

Incredibly exciting. It is situated next to Sephora, in B1.

Bath and Body Works exterior 2

So it opened at the end of February, and when I went to check things out, it was completely thronged with people. They were mostly boyfriends and husbands following their girlfriends and wives around, and there were people of all ages. I guess I wasn’t the only one excited to see the opening of Bath and Body Works in Singapore.

Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle 1

After much debate, I ended up coming out of the shop with a 3-wick Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle and a huge smile on my face. And indeed, it totally smells like a bakery whenever I burn this candle. I bought the candle during the Great Singapore Sale, where the candles had a 30% offer. However, despite importing, I do think that some of the products are overpriced especially because you can get 3-wick candles at 2 for $22 in the United States.

Hypnotizing! But this wasn’t the first haul I had ever made with Bath and Body Works. My first retail encounter was in Florida Mall in the United States. Unfortunately, I was there at the time when they had not introduced their new stock yet, so there were very little choices.

Bath and Body Works candles

The first haul of Bath and Body Works candles I have ever made. They were all shipped from Florida to Singapore, and I bundled them into thick coats because I was so terrified that I would break them! The largest is a 3-wick Frosted Cupcake, the other one is a small candle also in Frosted Cupcake, and the front two are mini candles in Market Peach and First Bloom. I love the sweet and bakery-type of scents so it’s no surprise that I love Frosted Cupcake, although I do occasionally find that they are too sweet. The Market Peach is also a great option if you like fruity scents but I would not repurchase the First Bloom again.

Bath and Body Works Frosted Cupcake candle

One thing I love about BBW is that the designs of their candle packaging change a lot! You could go into a store in a few month’s time and see the exact same scent in a different packaging with a silver lid, or gold lid, or different picture on the front. It mixes things up a bit and makes things interesting.

Now, there’s even more exciting news because Bath and Body Works has just opened their second retail store in Takashimaya! I’m sure those who work and shop in Orchard will be very pleased. There’s currently a discount for 3-wick candles going at 2 for SG$50. I for one will be going to get a Honey Crumbcake candle next.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some candles or bath products, you should follow Bath and Body Works Singapore official Facebook page or @bbwsg on Instagram, the unofficial BBW SG Instagram fan page!

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Do you love their products or do you think they’re overpriced? Have you hauled from Bath and Body Works lately? Share your hauls with me!

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