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I’ve been getting into the idea of bringing lunches to work recently. But that can be boring, and I like mixing things up to make life interesting.

Seeing how most of society is into quirky items now (quirky phone cases, quirky USB drives, quirky bag charms, quirky quirkiness?), it’s not surprising then that there’s quirky lunch boxes too!

Typo lunchboxes

Photo credit: @typoshop Instagram

Most lunch boxes are simple. Classic. Sleek. Clear plastic tupperware, with a translucent cover. Or a clear cover with a translucent bottom.

But Typo isn’t content with that. They’ve come up with elaborate lunch boxes masquerading as book covers!

Inside is a set of cutlery, hidden nicely under the lid, like ninjas waiting to strike at the right time.

Typo book lunch box inside

They even stick to the top, like ninjas who somehow manage to hang out on the ceiling. Just chilling, y’know.

(Digressing, does anyone remember those clutches masquerading as book covers? Made popular by Charlotte Olympia and Kate Spade? Where Natalie Portman was carrying this Lolita book clutch at a red carpet? It looks just like this lunch box inspiration too.)


Anyway, I bought one of these lunch boxes, the large version just because they can hold more food. And I didn’t look closely at the cover. Until now.

Typo book lunchbox large 1

I had initially assumed that the covers were modified versions of real titles, just like Lolita or The Great Gatsby or A Tale of Two Cities.

It’s only now that I realise that the “author names” actually relate to food.

Like Hammond Cheese is just Ham and Cheese.

And D. John Mustard is dijon mustard.

Dijon Mustard! How did I not catch any of that!

And the rest of the book lunch boxes are the same.

Typo book lunch box large 2

Cutler E. Djoke. Cutlery joke. In case you (like me) didn’t realise that the joke’s on you.

Typo Book Lunch Box small 1

Bart Ender isn’t Bart like Bart Simpson, but Bartender! How apt that the title says cocktail recipes.

Typo Book Lunch Box small 2

And this is possibly my favourite. Healthy eating, but the author is Anita Burger, who desperately needs a burger to take her out of her diet misery.

With all of that going on, the only way to wash it down is with some unicorn tears.

Unicorn Tears water bottle

Oh, Typo.

What’s in your lunch box everyday?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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