Superfood or Super-fooled?

Goji berries. Chia seeds. Kale.

It seems like every month, there’s a new ingredient that’s touted as the best, most wonderful thing that you absolutely have to get your hands on.


They’re full of nutrients, have 10 times the benefits of XXX, guaranteed to give you an added boost to your diet.

And everyone wants to eat healthy, no? Everyone wants to know that they’re filling their bodies with energy and vitality.


Sometimes I believe in all this, and sometimes I don’t.

I mean, if someone in some corner of the world has been eating this superfood their whole lives and it’s given them amazing benefits, why has it taken so long for the rest of the world to catch up?

And I had been really comfortable with eating what I’m most familiar with, like beef and broccoli and bananas. Why expand to flax seeds, kale and beetroot?

But I’ve been experimenting and I’m understanding the difference you feel when they’re included in your diet.

I’m starting light with salmon, avocado and stir-fried kale, and so far they work well, especially when put together.

The question I wonder though, is are these superfoods for real or is this just a clever marketing gimmick to jack up prices?

And today, when I was wandering around, I was looking at some protein powder they sell in health stores to boost your smoothies.

I’ve never tried them before, most of the time I blend fruits and veggies (if you have tried them, let me know what powder you use!).

I picked up cacao powder, and had a shock.

13.9mg of iron in 1 serving!

Iron is one of the main deficiencies that women struggle with. Men require about 8-14mg of iron (sources vary). Women need twice of that. So women would need about 16-28mg of iron every day (give or take).

And I’m one of those women who bleed a lot every month, so I feel like iron is something I really should concentrate on, alongside maybe calcium.

But I was like, how can cacao powder (which is something I’ve not heard before, it’s not thrown around as vigorously as kale) be such a good source of iron and not be that famous?

I checked online and it has the highest plant-based source of iron.

More calcium that cow’s milk.

Packed with magnesium.

I’m so confused.

And then the kicker.

High-fat content. 

Eating it every day (or too often) makes you fat.

Even superfoods have their weaknesses after all.


What superfoods do you eat? Do you believe in them or think they’re just clever marketing gimmicks?

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