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The great thing about working in the city is that most things are really accessible. It’s so easy to pop downstairs for a coffee, or lunch, or a snack. The problem is, it’s also easy to get pre-packaged foods like chips and chocolate to snack on.

Here’s my list of trying-to-eat-healthier foods I reach for when hunger strikes. They’re ranked based on their prep time, some of which don’t need any prep time and some which you should probably make at home first.


Fresh fruit


The no-brainer to snacks: fresh fruit gives you much-needed fibre and energy without the sugar slump. Bring small munchies like grapes, strawberries or blueberries.

Larger fruit like apples, bananas and pears may require some cutting or just eaten whole, based on your preferences. And large fruit like watermelons and papayas definitely need some prep time at home.

You’ll need: A fridge to keep fruit fresh and cold. And maybe some prep time at home.


Apples / Bananas with peanut butter

apple peanut butter

Thank you Pinterest for making this delish combination!

I mean, you could substitute peanut butter with chocolate spread, but that wouldn’t make it a very healthy snack would it?

You’ll need: A knife to cut up fruits.


Raw veggies / Pita bread with hummus


If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, maybe hummus could be a better option.

I used to just cut up carrots and cucumber, and still feel a bit hungry after eating them because they’re not that filling on their own.

Both peanut butter and hummus keep you full for longer, while the fresh fruits and veggies keep your energy levels up.
I personally don’t like raw celery. I would substitute celery with cucumbers. But each to their own.

You’ll need: Effort spent on chopping.


Mixed Snacks

Early on, a colleague and I bought a big bag of pretzels, which I thought would be healthy-ish but turned out to be salty. Making a mixed bag of snacks makes sure you get different nutrients, and gives a bit of variety to your tastebuds too.

You can keep them separate, or you can MIX THEM IN A GIANT BOWL OF GOODNESS. Mix some pretzels, raisins, cereal, M&Ms, candy, nuts, almonds, even popcorn. Buy whatever’s on sale. Coloured candy makes it look extra appealing, but don’t get too much of that otherwise it won’t be a healthy mix. Just be careful of colleagues who will most definitely pick out the good stuff.

You’ll need: Nothing! Just a nice see-through container to see the colourful mixes. Or you can keep them in a dark container and hide them from meddling hands.




Classic snack idea: get some from your nearest fruit juice shop or blend / juice your own. I used to bring fruit smoothies like apple and pear mixes, till my colleague told me that fruit smoothies contain too much sugar, and I should add more veggies instead. They won’t taste as sweet, but are much much healthier. Kale, spinach and carrots are pretty good, and add some lemon or ginger to cleanse.

You’ll need: a blender / juicer, and a fridge to store cold smoothies


Protein Balls


These are delicious and healthy too (as long as you pick the right ingredients and don’t add too much chocolate). Loads of brunch shops are selling them for $2+ each, but it’s cheaper to make your own.

And there’s lots of recipes on Google, so it’s easy for you to pick which one you like best, based on the ingredient you enjoy or are allergic to.

You can add mint, coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, peanut butter, dates, chia seeds and more. Only limited to our imagination! (sort of).

You’ll need: a blender.


What’s your favourite snack treats?

Much love,

Fari Wu

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