Ketchup Packet Life Hacks

Eating at fast food restaurants is sinful but quick and easy (and delicious) but one thing that irks me sometimes are the ketchup packets.
ketchup packet 1

Usually if you dine in at McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant, they’ll provide a small ketchup cup for you to squeeze your ketchup or chilli sauce, and dip your fries from there.

ketchup packet 7

Foodbeast by the way, discovered a life hack for getting more ketchup into the cup just by expanding the edges. It also means that there’s space for you to dip the side of an entire burger into the ketchup.

Unfortunately, not every fast food restaurant provides ketchup cups, which means you might have to use paper napkins instead.

But I really hate it when I squeeze out the ketchup onto paper napkins or tissues, and some of it soaks into the napkin. Sometimes it’s even worse when the ketchup actually soaks through the napkin onto the table. It’s just super messy really annoying to clean up.

ketchup packet 3Blooood!

This guy decided that he found a life hack for eating fries with ketchup: just rip open a little more than the usual tear mark so that you can fit a fry into the packet to get at that tomato goodness.

ketchup packet 2

He’s a driver in New Jersey and demonstrated how to eat fries with ketchup in a car (without making a huge mess in the car). I mean that’s a really cool idea too, but it can still get messy. What if you accidentally squeeze out ketchup on your fingers? Still messy.

A couple of guys wanted to find a solution, and ended up designing the Dipping Cover, a soft drink lid where the straw is on the side, and the middle has an indentation to hold all your ketchup.

ketchup packet 8

Unfortunately, most fast food restaurants don’t offer these either, they would only offer the normal ones where the straw is in the middle and there are holes in the lid so that air can escape when you drink. Imagine ketchup falling through the lid into your drink? Or, what if after you’re done with your meal but still want to go shopping with your drink in hand? Wipe off the excess ketchup?

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I mean, if only someone found a way to combine a ketchup packet with a ketchup cup to make our lives so much easier.

BEHOLD: ketchup packet 5

It’s a ketchup dip. It’s a ketchup packet. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s both!

Heinz came up with a ketchup dip called the “Dip and Squeeze”. There are two ways of using this. You can either peel off a corner and dip your fries just like a ketchup cup. No more soaked napkins.

ketchup packet 4

Or, you can just rip off the tab on top and squeeze the pack just like a normal ketchup packet. You can even squeeze it on your burger!

ketchup packet 6These packs hold 3 times more ketchup than their inferior cousins, the ketchup packets. So you don’t have to wait at the counter for ages to ask someone for another ketchup packet if the first cashier only gave you one.

They’re already available in some countries, but only at certain fast food restaurants so unfortunately, this hack won’t work for you either if you can’t get them. So if they don’t, I guess you can always dip your fries into the packet?

Got any ketchup / fast food life hacks? Share them below!

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