Free ALL the Fruit!

Hi, I’m Fari and it’s been 20 minutes since I’ve last played.

I have a new mobile game addiction and it’s not Pokemon Go.

Boost Juice released a new app game featuring, what else? Their main attractions, the fruits.

You play Mango Man, who must release his fruity friends by matching 3 of the same kind in a row (similar to Candy Crush, without the hypnotising music).

And instead of randomly matching any kind of fruit, you need to collect a certain amount of one fruit (like 12 pineapples or 12 strawberries).

After which, you’ll have to fight and defeat a boss before you can collect the fruits you’ve released.

You travel all around Australia, and the final boss fight happens in Melbourne, with none other than Boost founder Janine.

I have to admit, it takes a bit of guts to pull it off, considering she could be seen as the bad guy. Most CEO’s wouldn’t like to take a risk to their reputation in that way.

The character’s names are also all funny, like Chux Moppis the janitor (which sounds a bit like Chuck Norris).

And Bob Gnarly, who sounds like Bob Marley.

And there’s even a character named Ally Berry Bang, who is probably named after a Boost smoothie All Berry Bang, a raspberry-blueberry-strawberry smoothie.


Hi, I’m Fari and it’s been 0 minutes since I’ve last played.

All Berry Bang’s real life persona below:




But the fruits are, of course, the main star.

At the end of the game, you go back to the main menu, and there’s a pink skull button. That leads to: the blender.

The creators really put in some effort when designing the game. When you first go to the blender, half the fruits don’t even notice, and they sit smiling, until they look down and notice exactly where they are.

See the smiling fruits?


This is the part where you have to make the decision to keep your big-eyed fruits or blend them to a chopped death and win prizes from Boost.

The cutesy game has a gruesome end with the fruits screaming in tiny high voices as they get split apart.

At least the coupons make up for it.

$3 off any Boost juice! I’ve seen people win free Boost Juices and free protein ball, but I haven’t gotten that yet. Apparently the vouchers get less enticing the later in the day, so you should blend early in the day for better prizes.

Let’s go back to Mango Man, though. Why does he go through all this trouble of travelling all over the country fighting people to get you a box of fruit?

Maybe because he knows that if he doesn’t bring you any fruit, then he’s not immune to the blender.

Mango Man will become… mango smoothie.

How very strange that such a cute game can have such wretched characters. But it all makes more sense when I found out that the creator is the same guy who made Dumb Ways To Die.

Free The Fruit will only be available till Sept 11, unless Boost extends it! Go play and get some vouchers! May you have more luck than I do.

I realize… I had a mango smoothie. I had Mango Man!

What’s the latest mobile app game you’ve played?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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