Fiction: Waiting for the perfect moment


She looked so much better right now, and seemed much more comfortable too. A loose grey shirt had replaced the stiff black suit and pencil skirt she was wearing during dinner, and her loose waves had finally escaped the severe bun she had on her head. 

She’d had to wear her suit the entire day, since she’d stressed out over her back-to-back meetings today with very important clients to impress. She’d been chatty enough during dinner, but decided against a noisy night on the town after that.

The weight on her shoulders from all the meetings she had during the day had exhausted her. All she wanted was to stay in and have a quiet night tonight.

She’d insisted on wearing that funny white flower on her head again though. Well, he didn’t care. He thought it looked adorable on her, and as long as she was happy, he was happy too.

He perched on the couch, while she settled on the white sheepskin rug. Then, even though they had plenty of throw pillows, she insisted on fighting for the one in his hands. Grinning, they ended up in a mock wrestle.

She won, of course, her face screwed up with laughter as she clutched her prize.

It was at that moment when he looked at her again, a stirring in his heart.

All night long, he’d been carrying a weight of his own, a weight in his chest that had begun two weeks ago. That emotional weight had translated into a physical weight in his right pants pocket, and he’d taken to carrying that weight around, waiting for the perfect time.

No, not really waiting for the perfect time, but convincing himself to make the right choice. He had no doubts, but he was terrified that she was going to.

He had thought the moment would come earlier. But it was now, as he gazed into her eyes, he knew he’d lost his heart to her.

He didn’t want to forget this moment. Or the curve of her lips. Or the quirk of her eyebrow. Or that gaze, as she hugged the pillow that was now hers. He didn’t want her to forget this moment either.

And for the first time in two weeks, he took out the ring box from his pocket in front of her.

FRI_2401 copy

Complete fiction, but adorable! I thought about this story after seeing this picture, which is the result of a photography collaboration between myself (model), Marigold Meagher of Powerful Petticoats Photography (photographer), Kat Duffin (HMUA) and Kylee Armstrong (Kytini Accessories). It’s a fictional story, but very romantic in my head.

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