Loreal Feria Preference P37 Pure Plum hair dye review

If there’s one type of review I love reading most, it’s for hair dyes.


Because it’s sooo hard to get the right shade when it comes to dying or coloring hair. 5 minutes too long or too short always ends up with different results.

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And I find that it doesn’t matter whether you do it in a salon or with a box, it’s really hard to estimate the right colour. And that makes me a bit distrustful of hair salons, maybe because of previous bad experiences.

I once tried to dye my hair blue, and the hairdresser assured me I didn’t need to bleach my hair to see noticeable results. Big mistake!

It was even worse when I tried to dye my hair months later, because apparently if you dye your hair black (or blue in my case), the new pigment colors won’t take to the hair.

Anyway, I’ve felt that there are actually very few reviews out there detailing their hair dying experiences. And I love reading about them in detail, especially if I want to know if a certain brand will suit dark Asian hair, or whether it might dry or ruin my hair.

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So I hunted for red hair dyes on the shelves, and ended up with this L’oreal Feria in P37 Pure Plum!

I took a long time trying to decide which brand to get, in the midst of trying to hunt down reviews on Google.

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The flat lay of items you’ll get in the box. An instruction manual, black gloves (to make it seem more luxurious and luscious?), a sachet of oil, the main dye elements and a gold tube of intensive treatment conditioner.

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These are the 3 elements that you’ll mix together to start the hair dye process. You add the first one to the second for the colour, and you add the third in for gloss and deep conditioning.

As for how easy it is, there is no hair dye that is easier than Liese. But this one is quite straightforward like most other dyes. You use the nozzle to add dye to the roots, and the rest all over the rest of your hair.

And as usual, don’t forget to rub Vaseline or oil on your skin so that the red dye won’t stick to your skin. I used body lotion which worked just as well.

Also, when you first rinse out the dye, the water will be red. Totally normal for red hair dyes, but really messy, especially for towels. Yikes!

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This is a high shine conditioner weekly treatment, which you can use about 6 or 7 times. At first I didn’t think there would be enough (I use a lot of conditioner!) but this is very concentrated so you don’t need a lot at one go. It definitely lasts at least 6 times.

I follow the instructions and use it once per week, and rub it in the ends of my hair like conditioner or hair mask.

red hair

The red is most obvious in the sunlight, but not obvious in normal lighting. That’s what I’m most upset about, but I expected it since my hair is really dark. If you want a dark red, or a red tint, or just simply not-an-obvious red colour, this is a good bet.

The good thing is, the more times you wash, the more obvious the colour will be. Keep washing!


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