Friday Fashion Inspirations

For this Friday, I want to share the inspirations I had this week. Enjoy!

Haute couture fashion with Ralph and Russo. It’s a simple white long dress but the beaded cape ups the ante. Don’t think it’ll ever work in real life though.

I’m fond of the John-Galliano haute couture dresses that basically look like your drowning in tulle. You’ve heard of ombré hair, but ombré dresses?

And what I like most is how artists are inspired by everything around them, including using materials that no one would normally use to create. Like Grace Ciao who uses diamonds and flower petals. Because why not?

More style inspiration from Ralph and Russo, with a rose gold heel with gold accents. The trend now seems to be no longer the red sole made famous by Christian Louboutin, but a metal logo peeking out from the soles of the shoes.

For bags, since Pokemon Go is trendy at the moment, I thought it was very fitting to see a Chanel pokeball bag.

And of course the pastel-coloured bags of Christian Dior.

While not matching the colour theme, what’s trending this week is important to mention outside the realms of couture.

All eyes were on Michelle Obama this week at the Democratic National Convention, which inevitably led to all eyes on Christian Siriano’s royal blue design.

It is simple but significant for 2 reasons. One, because American designer Christian Siriano often collaborates to raise conversations about body image and racial diversity.

Two, because Michelle’s decision to wear an American designer strongly contrasts with Donald Trump’s relationships and issues with clothing. His clothing line and his campaign shirts have all been outsourced to countries like China or uses Mexican labour employed in American companies… all while he decries immigrants who come into America, and promises to keep them out of the country.

One dress reflects Michelle Obama’s conscious decision on what she wants the public to notice when all attention is given to her. And use the power of fashion she did.

Have a good weekend!

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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