Friday Fashion Inspirations: Go For Gold!

The whole world is going gaga over Rio, and is it any wonder? A new generation of athelete superstars are born, and new talent make their announcement on the world stage.

Highest paid supermodel and Brazilian citizen Gisele Bundchen came out of ‘runway retirement’ to walk down a runway in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, dressed in a long gold dress and matching heels.

American Simone Biles won the All Around for acrobatic gymnastics, celebrated for her feats at the Olympics, most of which are extremely difficult to do (she manages to pull them off, including a move she calls The Biles, due to her short stature and strength).

Also, did you know that gold is apparently one of the more malleable metals and biting it will leave an indentation, which is how people can tell it’s real?

But at the Olympics, the athletes bite the medals not because they’re checking whether it’s real gold but because photographers have felt that it produced the money shot, which is why they request the athletes to bite the medals. Strange.

This is an old photo, but Aliya Mustafina is my favourite gymnast. She won a gold medal in uneven bars in London 2012, I’m looking forward to watching her on all the apparatus this year. Fortunately she managed to get to Rio, despite all the drug scandals Russia’s been facing.

And of course, swimmer Joseph Schooling has won Singapore’s first gold medal, inciting a great deal of excitement all over the island, especially in Toto and 4D (lottery) shops.

Kylie Jenner is also going for gold this year, with the release of her Birthday Edition cosmetics, which branch out from lip kits to include eyeshadows, eyeliners, and of course lip glosses.

Everything in infused with real gold to add a touch of luxe, and the packaging is a shade of gold of course.

The collection was released in conjunction with Kylie’s birthday, who is by the way, all of 19.

Filipino designer Camille Co dressed in gold with matching heels. Very nice!

Have a good weekend!

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