Fashion First Aid Kit

Scissors, bandages, iodine tablets. But when it comes to fashion, the first aid kit is vastly different.

Make sure your style is on pointe with these! Don’t get caught in a style emergency, I’ve got my list of what I bring everyday.


Lip Balm

paw paw

Photo Credit: GeMiNi.22 via Flickr

No matter whether the season is hot or cold, dry or wet, lip balms are always a required accessory. No matter how much I drink, I still feel the need to slather on some lip balms on my lips.

I like the paw paw ointment, cause it’s just as good for dry elbows and itchy insect bites. The modern woman should always have multipurpose products!

Plus, the red packaging never turns off guys from using it. I’ve had male models ask me for a little lip balm during photoshoots.


But then again… they’re models, so maybe they’re a tad more metrosexual?



I rarely get a cut, but whenever I do, I never have a plaster on me, which is so annoying!

I keep a couple plasters in my wallet, sometimes to treat papercuts and sometimes when the back of my shoes dig into my heel. Hate it when that happens, especially with new shoes!


Love new shoes, but hate those horrible foot blisters.


Water Bottle

Pretty obvious. I definitely drink more when I have a water bottle with me. No water = forgetting to drink = not realizing you’re dehydrated = getting extra hungry. Yup.

If you don’t like water, coconut water or a sports drink works pretty well too. Or fruit juice, although there’s a lot of sugar in that. Just remember to switch out plastic bottles cause you totally shouldn’t be drinking from those for too many days.



How do you think I wrote this? Through a mobile phone? Well phones are good but there’s always battery life issues, storage, etc.

And there’s something so comforting about putting pen to paper. Besides, you can’t really doodle drawings on your phone.

But word of advice – don’t use a coloured pen when you’re filling out a traveler card on a plane.

I used a purple pen and the airport staff very curtly told me to go to one side and use a blue or black pen to fill out my details again. Definitely learnt that lesson.




(Navitas product placement LOLOL)

It sucks but I find that my phone battery dies like crazy now. We can all reminisce the times when phones were clunky and heavy but lasted for days. Ain’t getting that anymore.

Now phones are slim and sexy but with horrible battery lives. I’ve taken to carrying my phone charger everywhere, but I’m not always so lucky with a socket.

A powerbank at least is always useful and always working (until you need to charge that too!)


Sanitary pads / pantiliners


Photo Credit: Sian via Flickr

What? (defensive)

Because you never know when it strikes (sounds like a horror movie!).

But they can come in handy, not necessarily for you but for other female friends / sisters / classmates / colleagues. I can’t remember how many times I’ve popped into a toilet and was asked by a complete stranger whether I had a pad to spare her.


Wet wipes / tissues


Photo Credit: Anomalous4 via Flickr

For the face, to wipe stains off of clothes, as makeup wipes, to use in public toilets, why do I even need to explain? They’re uber versatile.

I used to keep those wet towels you get from Chinese restaurants but I kept forgetting about them until they dried up. So I prefer to have a packet of wet wipes or tissues instead.


Do you recommend any fashion must-haves that should be in every woman’s purse?

Much Love,

Fari Wu

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