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Sex and the City

Sex and the City came out in 2008, after 4 successful seasons as a TV show on HBO. It was actually the first time I’d ever heard about the series-plus-movie, so I came in with little to no expectations. I didn’t know who the characters were, couldn’t name any of the actors who played them, and definitely didn’t know the fashion styles they embodied.

It turned out to be one of the best fashion-wise movies I’ve seen, and years later I still watch it just to see the clothes, the styles, the shoes. Costume designer Patricia Field definitely did an awesome job, and she’s also been a costume designer for the sequel, The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Ugly Betty.

After rewatching it ten million times, I’ve finally compiled my favourites!


Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore this dress in the opening scene. The giant flowers appeared in one of the seasons, when Carrie developed a liking for pinning gigantic flowers on her top. Which is really cool actually, and it blossomed into a huge trend. Even though SJP has such a small figure, she’s able to pull off the giant accessory without letting it overpower her. And I love the matching white and gold dress on her skin. No extra accessories either, just a small yellow clutch.


The girls in the opening scene. I think this really encapsulates the girls’ different styles. Charlotte is classy-preppy, trying to channel Jackie O. Carrie is eclectic, not afraid to mix and match colours and prints. Miranda has softened from the business attire but never quite shies away from the corporate look. And Samantha is bright and vivacious (and sometimes a little too much, hence the top-to-toe red).


I love bright yellow on Samantha, maybe because she’s really able to pull off that bright solid colour. No one would think of having a yellow blazer. The red nails might be a bit of overkill, but maybe that’s the point.


I actually don’t like the mixture of this outfit. I like the individual items, but together they don’t seem to blend. Maybe it’s the too large bag. But the colour of the dress is great, and the yellow dress on the mannequin is nice too.

One of the top 2 fashion moments in the movie is definitely the wedding dress montage! Carrie lists off the different wedding dress designers while being styled in their dresses at a photo shoot for Vogue.


The one on the far left isn’t one of my favourites, but it is by Dior, whom I love. I don’t think it’s a typical wedding dress though, and I wonder if anyone would get married in that.

The middle one drowning in pearls (Christian Lacroix) looked like the time Carrie disguised Aidan’s engagement ring with seven hundred and twenty-eight thousand pearls.

The one on the far right is by Oscar De La Renta, it’s really pretty especially with the red lips and red flower accessory.


I also really like Lanvin, although maybe it’s too short and normal to be a wedding dress. It looks good as a normal cocktail or dinner dress though.


And of course, the Vivienne Westwood dress which she ended up wearing to the ‘wedding’ (spoilers here). I actually prefer the styling here, with her hair down and nude-pink makeup done. She had a too-severe bun at the wedding, complete with a bird on her head.

Watch the entire montage here, backed up by Ciara’s Click Flash.

The other fashion fixture in the movie was the clearing out the closet montage. In the original version, only Carrie’s outfits are shown but in the extended scene, the other girls are also shown dressing up. The outfits are over-the-top but that’s the point of this scene at any rate, no?

The ballerina tutu makes an appearance, which I thought was a really nice touch for fans of the series. The green ‘Madonna’ dress was actually quite nice, and Charlotte’s Marilyn Monroe dress with multicoloured leggings were actually a really good pairing! And the hippie outfit, although I doubt anyone could ever get away with that any more, unless if it was for a costume party.

Watch the scene if you haven’t! Backed up by Walk This Way by Run-DMC.


The time the girls went to Mexico and packed maxi dresses. I like Samantha’s the most mainly because I prefer solid-coloured maxi dresses. And yes, I’m partial to Samantha in yellow although I generally dislike that colour the most.


This is a weird mix of items, but I think they look quite interesting when paired together. The short skirt and long socks, the open-toe booties, then cardigan and then to bizarrely top it off, gloves. Why wear such a thin coat with gloves? Yet somehow I like it.

Sex and the City 2

I guess the other girls don’t get as much airtime as Carrie does with their less-then-quirky fashion choices, but I veer most towards Charlotte’s attire. She has the clean-cut classic look, with work-appropriate dresses and personal style thrown in.


The sleeves really make this dress. The batwing sleeves was pretty popular for a while but this one extends all the way to the floor, which is hilarious because the dress itself isn’t floor-length. But I would wear this dress!


Spring fashion week with director Michael Patrick King. To be honest, I always wonder why grey, white and black are such Winter colours, when Winter/Spring is such a great time to be playing around with colours.


And the final scene, Charlotte’s white dress and Samantha’s sparkly dress were the best outfits.

The movie had waaay too many great outfits, but these were some that really stood out for me. Which did you like best?

Do you want to see a fashion favourites compilation for the sequel? How about a fashion favourites for your favourite movie? Let me know!

– Fari Wu

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